Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Free Download Ace Lightning

This third-person action-adventure game is based on the BBC TV series of the same name and you play as the hero, Ace Lightning, who is the most valiant of the Lightning Knights. Your goal is to defeat your arch-enemy Lord Fear and send him and his gang back to prison in the sixth dimension. In order to do this, you must first collect all the pieces of the magical Amulet of Zoar, which he has hidden throughout the Carnival of Doom, a surreal and spooky place.

You must make your way through its four zones - the Ghost Town, Fun Park, Circus and House of Horror. In each zone you must use your weapons to dispatch enemies such as evil clowns and zombies through different levels before coming face to face with the bosses of each zone - the characters Lady Illusion, Pigface, Googler and Dirty Rat from the TV series. Only after you have all the parts of the Amulet will you meet the evil Lord Fear in a final battle.

Free Download Ace Lightning

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System requirements:
 Windows 98/ME/XP CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz or 500 AMD Athlon or 100% equivalent processor RAM: 64 MB 8 Speed CD - DVD drive DirectX® compatible 16bit sound card 16Mb Graphics cards (capable of running DirectX 8.1)